6 Things You Can Do to Help an Alcoholic Loved One

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Family Recovery Series: 6 Things You Can Do to Help an Alcoholic Loved One

Part 6: Consider an Intervention


Last month we discussed talking about your concerns with the alcoholic.  Our alcoholic loved one may not agree with what we’re experiencing around their alcohol and drug use, but that does not negate our experience.  It is possible to let them know we’re concerned about what we’re seeing even if they don’t believe us. 

If these ideas are new to you, please read the first five entries in this series:

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Part 2: Get Support for Yourself

Part 3: Set Limits and Stick to them

Part 4: Work Together as a Family

Part 5: Talk about Your Concerns with the Alcoholic 

Now, the sixth and final thing you can do to help an alcoholic loved one is: Consider an Intervention.

If all of the options above fail, you may want to organize an intervention. Deciding whether or not to do an intervention is a personal decision. Educate yourself first. You can check on-line for information or read the book Love First, by Debra Jay. 

If you decide to move forward, work with a professional. The Retreat has resources to help you find a qualified professional.  

Families may avoid an intervention because they believe someone needs to hit bottom before they can be helped.  This is not true.  There are things you can do, no matter what stage of addiction your family member may be in.  This is why we wrote this series.  

Research shows outcomes are the same whether someone seeks recovery to avoid a consequence or enters recovery because they know they need help and want to change.

If you pursue an intervention you know you have done everything possible to help your loved one.

One final note: 

As a family member we are not in a position to diagnose someone as an alcoholic or an addict. What we can determine is our concern about someone’s drinking, and if the drinking has impacted us.

Need more help?  One of the primary objectives of the Family Program at The Retreat is to educate family members about addiction and why it is a disease.  We also teach family members how to effectively communicate with their loved one, which can be very empowering.  The support the participants receive from the program and each other is unique and essential.  We strongly encourage you to consider participation in our four day Family Program. 

You do not have to have a loved one connected to The Retreat to attend.  

“Family Program.” I never liked that word.  It made it sound like I had the problem (imagine that!) At first when I came to this place I just wanted to better understand my mother’s addiction.  But I more discovered a way to live my life to its fullest, and the serenity I experienced is not describable. ~ Daughter 

It is important to remember that you are not alone. We are always here to help. For More Information Download our Free Family Brochure! 

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Ellie Hyatt

Written by Ellie Hyatt

Director of Family and Spiritual Recovery at The Retreat

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