West Virginia Has the Nations Worst Rate of Drug Overdoses

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The state of West Virginia has recently been noticed for a considerable increase in the amount of heroin overdoses. The state is facing a five fold increase since 2010. President Barak Obama  is spearheading a solution to this problem to promote change and drug addiction prevention because the state is lacking in resources to publicly address this concern of rising rates. Although, the cause of these overdose rates are ambiguous, the signs point to the states poverty levels, unemployment rates, as well as individuals who families used drugs.

Currently the state officials claim the West Virginia has 60,000 addicts seeking treatment but only has resources to service 15,000 addicts. Instead of going to prison for years, which most addicts end up in, those who are lucky enough can be picked for diversion programs. This sounds like the obvious choice, but there is a problem, all of the programs are full and booked to capacity. When this happens addicts have to wait in prison to be transferred to these programs, or worse stay in prison to serve their punishment.

The surreal truth is that most addicts do not receive the help they need because of the backlog. It is troubling that people that want to find help are restricted by the states lack of resources and drug treatment facilities.

Recently, President Barak Obama spoke with law enforcement and state officials to suggest partnering with substance abuse programs to combat this problem in West Virginia. It is likely that many of these individuals will have to seek treatment out of state. While, this is not necessarily an immediate concern, it does pose a serious question as to whether we as a nation are able to provide the resources necessary to educate the general public on treatment options for drug and alcohol recovery.

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Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities affected by alcohol and drug dependency by providing affordable, effective educational services grounded in the Twelve Step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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