What are the Benefits of a Holistic Approach to Drug Dependency Recovery for Men?

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Men usually think of traditional therapy programs first when they think of rehab. They mostly cover segments like one-on-one, group, and family therapy. Even though these are important parts of rehab, people also benefit from other services. A holistic approach to drug dependency recovery for men can help those who are using drugs, for instance.

We’re here to discuss such significant approaches in detail. And we’ll explain how you can get the most out of them. Many people discourage men by saying such an approach isn’t good for them. But it isn’t true. Keep reading for more!

What Is a Holistic Approach to Drug Dependency Recovery?

A holistic approach to addiction recovery and healing looks at the person as a whole, not focusing on just one symptom or body part. Holistic recovery takes care of all of a person’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

It is true that specialized medicine has really come a long way in recent years. It is especially applicable to surgeries and diseases that only affect a small area. But when dealing with addiction, it is important to look at every part of a patient’s life.

Today, many people who are addicted to or abusing drugs also have other disorders going on simultaneously. These include

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Process addiction
  • Eating disorders

A lot of the time, addiction symptoms get better or go away when people get help for their mental health. That’s because mental health and addiction are strongly linked, according to studies. And holistic approaches try to make the most of that link to take men back to their normal state.

Is a Holistic Approach to Drug Dependency Recovery for Men Effective?

A lot of men have trouble understanding how holistic addiction therapy works. There are so many different kinds of holistic approaches that it can be hard to pick out a single statistic.

However, one study found that holistic approaches can help people deal with physical pain. It also lessens bad emotional reactions.

Naturally, holistic therapy should be used along with other, more common types of therapy, like medication-assisted support. However, understanding the various types of holistic approaches and their benefits can give you an even better idea of their effectiveness.

types of holistic approaches

Different Types of Holistic Approaches and Their Benefits

During recovery, a man who has been under the influence of drugs faces problems that are not just related to drugs. Other disorders that we mentioned earlier also create a tricky situation. Men who get holistic care can deal with problems better, get better faster, and be healthier.

A holistic approach can improve mood, sleep, stress, and immunity. It also helps to prevent relapse. Let’s elaborate on some of the approaches to give you a better understanding of the benefits:

Helping the Body: Physical Exercise

Working out can have a big impact on recovering from addiction. When men work out, they feel high naturally because it makes endorphins come out. Such a positive attitude can only help with the healing process.

Exercise can help lower stress and maybe even stop cravings that come from being stressed. A study found that smokers who worked out at the gym had fewer withdrawal symptoms and only mild cravings for nicotine.

Besides, you probably do not think about drugs or alcohol when you run, jog, or play sports.

Helping the Spirit: Spiritual Exercise

Most of the time, men recovering from drug dependency tend to be lacking spiritual connection. Spiritual exercises like yoga can greatly reduce this lack of connection.

Stretching, relaxing, and controlling your breathing are all parts of yoga. It can also lower cholesterol and make the heart work better.

However, combining addiction recovery with the healing benefits of yoga is necessary. The mind and body are connected, so men can focus on both to achieve recovery.

Helping the Mind: Mental Exercise

Mental exercises like meditation can help you get over an addiction. That’s because it eases the thoughts that are going through your head. It makes one feel calm and at ease. Some people meditate by being stable and still and using certain poses or ways of breathing. Others might chant. You could also try meditative yoga. This would be even more helpful.

Yoga meditation is distinct from other types of meditation. That’s because, depending on the type of yoga, you usually do it after a yoga sequence. At the end of a yoga practice, you let go to help your mind and body relax.

Who Can Benefit from a Holistic Approach to Drug Dependency Recovery?

If you understand what a holistic approach is, you might be wondering who can get the most out of it. According to studies, holistic services can help just about anyone, male or female. However, some people benefit more than others.

According to studies, women and teens respond best to a holistic approach. These groups just benefit more from holistic approaches because they let them interact with each other. Still, this method can offer men and adults a fresh perspective, something that’s often overlooked in conventional recovery narratives.


Recovering from addiction is a long process. It requires a holistic approach to achieve long-term recovery. Addiction affects a man both mentally and physically. Hence, approaches like exercises that benefit both body and mind are mandatory for recovery.

Besides, spiritual and mental approaches like meditation and yoga can greatly boost recovery. Combining them with medication support always brings top results.

At The Retreat, we have designed a residential program specifically for men. We create a space that helps people grow emotionally and spiritually. It connects them with others in recovery. Explore how we can help you heal today- contact us!

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