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Happy Holidays


Tis the season to be jolly”, as the age-old song reminds us. In that vein, here are some stories to lift your spirits - Happy Holidays!

 Old-timer:  You know what I've noticed during my time in the program?  

 Newcomer:  What's that?  

 Old-timer:  It seems like 4 out of 3 old-timers struggle with math.  

 Newcomer:  My wife told me I have two major character defects.  

Sponsor:  Really?  What are they?  

Newcomer:  She says I don't listen and something else.  

Patron:  My partner says I'm crazy, but I think he's wrong.

Bartender:  How come?  

Patron:  He's the one who married me.  

Old-timer #1:  I miss the good ole days.  

 Old-timer #2:  Yeah, how come?  

 Old-timer #1:  I wasn't that good and I wasn't that old. 

Newcomer:  You know, this quarantine has really been a blessing to my program.   

Sponsor:  Wow, that's a great attitude.  How has it helped?  

Newcomer:  My partner and I are all caught-up on what I've done wrong these past twenty-years. 

A Newcomer lamented:  "It's like I'm stuck between a rock and wanting to throw it at my sponsor".  

Newcomer:  This quarantine has been great for my prayer and meditation.  I think I've finally figured out what God has been trying to say to me?  

Sponsor:  What's that?  

Newcomer:  God's telling me I’m grounded for everything I did before I came into the program.  

Newcomer:  You know, I've always heard that love is grand.  

 Sponsor:  Yeah, I've heard that too.  

 Newcomer:  Yeah, but they never said that divorce is about 100-grand!  

Newcomer:  I've read a lot lately in our literature about social media and protecting anonymity online.  

 Sponsor:  Yeah, I've read those articles too.  

 Newcomer:  I think I figured out the golden rule about social media.  

 Sponsor:  Really, what's that?  

 Newcomer:  Tweet others like you would like to be tweeted.

The golden rule is a good rule to practice the year round. May the Higher Power that surpasses all understanding, grant you and yours a joyful holiday season and a bright and prosperous New Year.


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John D.

Written by John D.

John is a person in long-term recovery with over 42 years of sobriety. He teaches a monthly workshop at The Retreat on The Steps and Sponsorship.

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